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Thread: Documentary - Iranian Wrestlers **VID**

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    That was cool.
    Shows just how lucky we all are.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Iran has a deep history in wrestling and combat sports, they love fighting and weightlifting, this documentary just shows if they knew more about mma so many world and national champions wouldn't have quit what they worked their whole life for, in Iran upper class look down on wrestling, and the poor don't want their kids to wrestle because they need them to earn money, like in documentary the young lad who won the world championship, almost quit wrestling because his dad wanted him to work. But its the culture, they get no money, the government is useless instead of helping the wrestlers they hinder them, before wrestlers would get more in the shah's time, the only reason iran does so well is through the love for the sport. I can't think of many countries with a church for strength, Zurkanneh(house of strength), if they catch on to mma they'll go far, now boxing is legal it will help.
    The recent world cup in tehran(capital), brent metcalf even said in an interview, that there is no crowd for wrestling like the iranians, Burroughs said he got a better reception in Iran than in the states.
    Iran vs USA
    Iran vs Russia

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    Great video this.
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