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Thread: TUF 17 with Bigslow. Who is watching?

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    Default TUF 17 with Bigslow. Who is watching?

    I thought there would be more chatter about this show as one of our own is in it and doing really well.

    Luke is looking really good and it is by far the most entertaining TUF for ages apart from the smashes.
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    I think its been an awsome season so far, best in years. Luke looked great in his fight and his weekly blogs have been quite funny.
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    Didn't catch episode 3 on espn, does it repeat?

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    Totally agree it's a great season so far. Really hope Josh Samman gets knocked sparko though!

    I already liked Sonnen coming in but like him even more after seeing him as a coach too.
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    Me aswell.........that guy is coming across as a knob.

    Yeah again I agree, some of his coaching and advice to his team and fighters have been awsome
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    everything about this season is great, the fighters, the coaches, the production

    tuf is back in a big way imo

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    From what iv heard sonnen was the better coach of the two. It comes accross that way on tv aswell
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    I think alot of guys were pissed when Chael picked them initially but I think they will learn more with him, seems that Jones isn't really connecting with his team. Chael seems to want the team win more
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