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Thread: ah right, so Belfort did have TRT

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    Was Randy Couture on TRT at 46 years old... From what I believe he wasn't but could be wrong, is it possible that the likes of Dan Henderson etc could do it in their 40's. I think so yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    If 1 person takes it then it is cheating as it is not a level playing field.

    Either do it or don't.

    I'd like to see two 350lb roid monsters smash each other or 2 clean athletes.
    That'd be funny...

    Congratulations fighter B, we're going to give you a title fight, oh wait, the champ is on TRT, you now have a choice, get on it and get the shot or don't and fuck off don't the rankings...

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    I definately recall Rogan mentioning Randy undergoing HRT on his podcast several years ago, though couture denies using.

    Hendo is open about his TRT use.
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