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Thread: Its all so quiet...........

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    Default Its all so quiet...........

    What has happened to this page..........never any chat or banter bout anything anymore!!!!
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    This forum is dying on it's arse....shame!

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    Everybody is too busy training to post. Nah, mma guys are really sensitive despite their appearances and alot of people have hurt feelings and are sick of being criticised so they're staying away. If they don't read it then it can't hurt them.
    Fuck no-gi

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    hahaha, it is a shame, used to be good banter on here.
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    Blame facebook and twitter

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    blame Leon!!!!!! get McBlackbelt back on here!!!!!!!!!!

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    If ever the world needed Jay Darrell Ingleton...
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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