This week we launched a new regular feature we'll be running on the Mirror Online site.

It's simply called "Mirror MMA", and it aims to round up the week's big MMA stories and talking points in a bite-sized video show.

Here's our first attempt:

We launched the pilot episode above on Friday and, while we know it's not perfect, we hope it'll become smoother and slicker as the weeks progress (I'll stop that weirdo Bond villain stuff with my hands, for starters!).

If you can check out the video above and - if you enjoy it - share with your colleagues/friends/followers etc, that would be hugely appreciated. It would be great if it built up a bit of an audience and help demonstrate that MMA is not just worth covering at outlets like ours, but a sport that MUST be covered in the months and years to come.

All feedback on the vid would be much appreciated too. Please feel free to tweet me directly @simonhead or tweet @MirrorMMA