And what is it im trying to do?im glad that your goals have changed since the first post in this blog to something more realistic,its great u want to fint pro in a few years (unlike the 6months u said in the first post)I'm not advising u to jump straight into training. What I said is that you will need a hell of a lot more training that what u originally planned to do to fight pro. Read what I put again, it's very clear.

I'm not sure why my weight matters but I'm 94kg.......?

All I wanted to do, as stated in my earlier post, was to gain knowledge and experience and blogs are a great way to do it. It's just that people are trying to give u advice.....good advice whether or not it comes across that way.its up to u if u want to take it. I take all the advice I can get,cos I want to grow as a martial artist and be the best I can be.