Well just had a nice breakfast no need to worry about weight as was told the lad is a bit bigger but im doing them a big favour as his opponent kept his phone off for one reason or another but hey that's the fight game The promoters a nice chap so I trust him when he told me the lad is not at a high level so just have fun and get paid for doing it. I have 1 or 2 lads coming to watch and a experienced boxer who I know whose been nice enough to corner me for no charge so will no doubt buy him and his wife a nice Chinese tonight as a thank you. Had been sparring 3 x 5 rounds so the 4 x 2 should not be a issue fitness wise and as its boxing and not MMA I can hopefully have a good night would not have accepted had it been MMA due to the fact It would be to short notice to organize and would only be right if I spoke to the club first as in MMA your representing your team and not just yourself. Anyway It is beautiful weather out there so get your sun beds out in your garden and have a really nice day I am now going to chill and then hopefully get my head down for a few hours this afternoon.