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Thread: My Training blog road to the cage. A true underdogs story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE DOG? Seriously, we need to know!
    My dogs are very happy Also received my Orange belt in kick boxing on saturday and my partner received her green belt so im really made up for her as she has worked very hard for it. The only reason iv started to go for grades again is it looks nice on paper if one day I look to set up my own little school so looking to take my time and hopefully get as high as my skill allowed me in a striking art which I naturally picked kick boxing seen as Id already been attending 2 classes a week and had begun the grading a while back My Mrs makes me look very amateur as she studied TKD since a child so she is currently wearing the trousers in afraid lol, The grading is getting a lot more tricky then I could of ever anticipated I thought I would be ok but even at the low stage im at some of the routines for grading are getting tricky that been said a lot of it is all new to me and a lot of the fancy things im learning I highly doubt I would be confident enough or skilled enough to use in combat but hey learning is learning as long as i keep improving I cant complain.
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