At what point do you think its too late do make a career in MMA?

For example look at my record.......12-30 (a very poor record!!) is it too late for me to give it a proper go?

Surely the UFC wouldn't look twice having seen my record? Even if I went on a 10 fight win streak?

Whats the money like on the UK's bigger promotions like BAMMA or even Cage Warriors?

Where could I go?

Previous topics have been brought up about how poor the money is in MMA and its not often people get the BIG BREAK they deserve which means alot of years and hard work for little to no reward at the end? Family and friends suffer! Is it worth hanging onto a dream that carries a slim possibility of becoming a reality. These are a few other questions I am curious to know peoples thoughts on.

NOTE: This isn't actually about me, I am just a decent example of someone with a bad record. I am just looking for peoples thoughts (so please dont give me a bashing .