I have had one of my elbows pop a few times after an Americana slapped on quickly by a bigger guy when rolling. Is it common for this type of injury to happen from an Americana position (I thought it was to target the shoulder). My elbow has recovered pretty well but ever since then I have been very wary of any figure 4 locks on my arms as I always seem to feel pain in my elbows first.

Is it possible I have some kind of imbalance in my arms? I have never really done weights targeting arm muscles (I always do deadlifts and squats and stuff like that). Im thnking all the gripping of the gi from jiu jitsu etc has made some parts of my arms strong but left others weak by comparison.

I donít really know what im talking about though does any of this make any sense?

Is there a way to strengthen my arms (with martial arts in mind) to reduce this problem?