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Thread: Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva II, Overeem vs. Dos Santos set for UFC 160.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogie101 View Post
    Its the logical fight for Cain really.
    Overeem was next in line with a win. The fact that Big Foot beat him & in such an impressive way means he jumps right to the top of the line. Bear in mind there's no-one else who is on a tear.
    Sadly I see the same result as the first fight, but Cain has to fight someone.

    The co-main though is a great fight. Both guys looking to restablish themselves & know a big win will do wonders for a future title shot.
    No way Overeem is going to disrespect JDS' punching power like he did with Silva. Could be an amazing stand up war.
    I think a lot of it comes down to how both guys were affected by their last loss. Yeah Overeem was sparked but he can blame it on being cocky, but Cain just manhandled JDS
    I don't think that Overeem v JDS could ever be a stand up war, big heavies like that throwing down, one lands, one goes to sleep. I think Overeem is the better striker if he decides to mix it up but I can see him getting caught at some point in the fight. Cain beats Big Foot same as last time, takes him down and beats on him until the lights go out or the ref steps in. Still be good a good watch though.

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    Overeem - more decorated striker? Yes. Better? No. I have wanted to JDS - Overeem for a very long time, said from day 1 I didn't care whether it was for a title or not, but I honestly don't see this one coming out of the first round. Plus, if he talks as much shit about JDS as he did with Bigfoot, he will get fucked up. After JDS taking everything Cain had, and Bigfoot sparking Reem, I really can't see any other outcome than a JDS ko.

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    I think the Biog Foot fight will be a repeat of the last one; he won't be able to stop Cain's take downs; he then gets leathered as per the last fight.

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    JDS and Cain are way out infront of the rest in the heavyweight division. They need Cormier to fight Cain or it's going to be at least another two meetings between JDS and Cain before anybody else comes about. Struve would not even get out of the first round with either or if he did he'd be finished in the 2nd. Bigfoot vs Jds would of made more sense for no.1 contender but as said Cain has to fight somebody and it's a shame the person he should fight is his teamate and meant to fight Mir. - Leicester Shoot

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