Most of you will already know but thought I would put up a thread anyway because the guys that got promoted deserve the recognition for all the hard work they have put in.

Dean Begg got promoted to blue belt. A well earned change after medalling in the Europeans in Portugal and winning the Scottish open, category and open category.

Allan king also promoted to blue. After medalling at every competition he has entered the step up was a well deserved change and this will give him new challenges, 1 in competition and 2
In the gym to continue to progress.

Craig harrower also awarded the blue belt. After competing the Scottish open with broken fingers, to still medal was a great acheivment and well deserving off the belt change.

Finally Chris macdougal who is a solid grappler but was still getting used to bjj and having the pyjamas around his body. But like a duck to water has gotten used to it quite well and got gold in the Scottish open.

There coaches also received there purple belts, which is an hounor. The hard work and dedication not only shows in there own results on the mat but clearly in there students.

Onwards and upwards for team unity which is a very small Mma/bjj club in fife. But hopefully keeps going in the correct direction.