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Thread: Sean Wright......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthic View Post
    His first fight on Contender Asia was mental.

    I remember coming on here years ago and getting links after every episode... there was a thread for it.

    Awesome! Been trying to find links to full episodes of this for ages!
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    The guy Sean beat had a 4-9 MMA record when they fought. Now 4-12.

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    Thanks for that contender link. I train with Trevor Smandych here in Calgary. He's a great guy and excellent trainer. Runs a really good Muay Thai fight promotion as well - Journey Fight Series. Gets big crowds and is shown on Fight Network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumac View Post
    It's know it's a bugger for Sean losing like that but it was no accident. He passed a medical to fight and went in knowing about the injury. The kick was thrown with intent and was checked correctly by his opponent, shit happens, if he had broken his opponents leg he would have gotten the win.
    Don't think the kick was actually checked. Was it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaison View Post
    The loss on his record was the leg break which happened about 5 seconds into the fight, ideally there should be something in place to get fights like that declared a no contest.
    no there shouldnt

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    Regardless of opinion on the leg break situation I hope Sean wright comes back with a vengeance in mma and shows off his undoubted stand up skills in the near future.
    Fuck no-gi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan_Court View Post
    personally i think there is no worse pain than throwing a leg kick and having it checked correctly. Hurts like a cunt and the resulting injuries can be brutal.
    Never stood on lego or an upturned plug barefoot then? You lucky bastard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyNasty View Post
    Don't think the kick was actually checked. Was it?
    From where I was sitting it looked as if it was, still may be wrong. Doesn't matter either way, kick was thrown with intent.

    Sean is a talented guy and an exciting fighter to watch, personally looking forward to his return.

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    i do a right good impression of the posh cunt.

    I was in the corner for the fight, the noise was fucking horrendous, pretty sure the kick hit the guys knee.
    First thing i said to him in the cage was, 'you ok man?' His reply, 'yeah, i've been better....' was funny at the time.

    @TheHat pretty sure that was Sean's first fight in MMA, as you can imagine we had a nightmare getting him his first fight and we were grateful of anyone taking the fight.
    Regardless of his thai background,he's still essentially a novice Pro MMA fighter and should be matched as such.

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