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    Default Question regarding UFC on Fuel 7...

    ...I'm not hating, I just have a legitimate question that's two parts.

    Q (a. Has Paul Sass been found out?

    He has great submissions skills, it's evident his stand up isn't the best in the division and when fighting someone with a fairly good to good wrestling game that can defend submissions he's lost...

    Q (b. Where does he go from here and who does he fight next?

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    I guess it's like many guys who rely more on 1 skillset. I guess he needs to go away and work on other things to give him options.

    What I would like to see is if someone drops a couple in the UFC that they face someone from the same country that is knocking on the door (unless they are from a small nation). This would give someone an opportunity to see if they should be in the UFC and also for the guy who has dropped a couple to cement his place still in there.

    So for example, Sass v Rob Sinclair (re-match).

    Not relating to this as such but there are loads of fighters kicking about that maybe should not be in the UFC and there are better out there. UFC need to sift through the guys they got and who out there they can get on. If they truly want to stifle the competition they should have a plan to snap up all the BEST talent to really make it something that people have to watch. They can really forget the marketability factor as they are enough guys out there to market the events. This means that spin off's like TUF should only go for the best guys
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    I see your point, and it's a good idea however the UFC wouldn't adopt it. Sinclair vs Sass would be good to see again to see how things have changed now that both are I suppose better fighters.

    The UFC do need to clear out some of the guys from their divisions.

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    Dissapointed with both Sass and Etim on Saturday. Until Sass improves his kickboxing he's only going to get to a certain level, as we all know MMA has moved on in the last few years and you can only get so far as a one trick pony. He has all the phsyical attributes to haev good kickboxing, he just needs the technical ability. Whether he is able to develop this is key to how far he will go in the UFC. I also think the same can be said about Etim to a lesser extent.

    I've no idea who he should fight next, though I'm sure he can get back to winning ways. He's still only 24 and he will get better

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    At that level little things can make a difference. Despite what Castillo says, the triangle at the start was close to be locked up and anyone who has been caught in Paul's triangle will know that 99 times out of a hundred you will get tapped. If he had finished it, everyone would be singing his praises. Also the heelhook's were decent attempts as was the armbar. He was looking to finish the fight.
    As for his stand-up, it has come on leaps and bounds since moving over to Kaobon and his wrestling is improving. He's still very much a work in progress, there are very few fighters who are well rounded in all 3 areas (striking, wrestling and submissions) and that particular weight division is a very tough one, no real easy fights. I'd say on their day anyone in the top 20 can beat the other guy, no-one is dominant.

    As for Terry, he'll be disappointed with his performance, just seemed a bad day at the office. Anyone who has sparred him knows his stand-up is top notch. Still, in my opinion, the best fighter in the country.

    Overall I thought the under card and the main card was great, once of the best shows so far.
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    Sass is working hard on his striking every day and it's improved massively over the last couple of years. He's always faught with the same style (dragging people to the ground like his life depended on it and subbing them) winning 13-14 fights on the run so it might take abit of time but he'll get more and more comfortable standing with each fight and once it's on the same level as it is in the gym he'll be beating just as many people on the feet as he does on the ground making him a very dangerous fighter.

    Terry's a different story altogether people who have trained with him know how good he is and how much potential he's got he's had a terrible run of luck with injuries and problems outside of the gym and struggled to stay active over the last few years but at the end of the day he's a fighter and thats how he makes a living so sometimes injuries/problems have to be put to one side and you've got to take a chance if it means putting food on the table and providing for a family. www.AUTOSTYLEALLOYWHEELS.CO.UK www.BODYFUEL.COM www.ASSECURITYLIMITED.COM

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    I think pretty much everyone that fights in the UFC is "found out". It's hard not to be when your every move is on tape. The question is how many people can stop you from doing what you want to do and in Sass' case it's probably somewhere in the late teens/early twenties. As for who he should fight next, there's plenty of options in a division with 80+ fighters. One name that stands out to me is Sotiropoulos. I think it would not only be an interesting fight, but makes sense with George just coming off coaching the Smashes. Let's get some national pride on the line!

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    Scanno... When are you fighting again?

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