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Thread: McDonald mentally set for UFC title fight in London

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    Default McDonald mentally set for UFC title fight in London

    Got to say, Michael 'Mayday' McDonald is one of the more intriguing fighters I've interviewed in a while. This was pretty cool and he has an interesting viewpoint. He's also a badass and only 22, fighting for the UFC title tomorrow.

    ďI donít take notice of anything that promotes unfamiliarity. It makes you think ĎI havenít been here beforeí. When you feel that, it becomes huge. When youíve been there many times and every day - Iíve fought 26 times in front of people and I do it every day in the gym - itís not huge anymore.
    Check it out, y'all!

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    Huge fan of Michael McDonald. I think the thing i like about him most is that he has the look about him that if you showed him a picture of boobs then he would break into a giggle fit but in the cage he is a fucking monster.
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    At 22 he is most definitely a beast but I feel that Barao's experience against better guys will win the fight for him. Watch out for McDonald coming in swinging and Barao countering, knocking him down and finishing by GnP
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