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It was a cracking performance. This is why,

1.He beat an undefeated fighter
2.He took shots that would have knocked most other people out
3.He was under HUGE pressure to win, because had he lost his UFC career would have most certainly been cut short
4.Nedkov is a beast. Dropped from LHW and had a granite head.

Take a bow TKW. You deserved every $$$$ you were awarded. Will give him great confidence going forward.

Hard work pays and no one out there works harder than Tom.
Best performance of the night by a British fighter, I thought he'd get beat in all honesty. Toms never gonna be one of the top guys in the division but is a great fighter to watch. Glad he got his shot in the UFC (most I know don't think he's good enough?) and good to see him getting his 1st win.