Hello guys hope your well, don't usually do this through informal contact but on this occasion I'm resorting to unconventional methods,
I've had a pullout for a bantamweight 62kg to face a debut lad in Kelso on sat 2nd march (2 weeks) it's under 2 options of unified rules but hoping for unified "A" rules which is the following:
8oz gloves
All head strikes standing
Punches to the head grounded
No elbows no knees to a grounded opponents head.
Unified "B" is no head strikes on the ground at all.
I'm willing to negotiate on the purse but looking at 150 plus travel etc
The opponent is a debut fighter but really want to get him matched up As he has been waiting for awhile if you can help pm me or my number is 07584043412 if you want more info cheers