I just imagined he'd smash everyone. lazy thinking. DFW must be wetting himself laughing

King Mo Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton
Trying to fight his way into the light heavyweight final opposite Mikhail Zayats, Emanuel Newton started in with various punch combinations and kicks early against King Mo Lawal.

Lawal relied on his ever-refining boxing skills, used a lot of head movement and footwork to avoid most of Newton’s attacks, but regularly left his hands a little low.

Newton connected on a couple of big punches early in the round, but Lawal wasn’t fazed.

When Newton threw and missed with an overhand right, however, his follow-up spinning backfist did connect. It landed on Lawal’s chin, putting him out on his feet. Newton caught Lawal as he drifted towards the canvas, but he was already unconscious, the referee stepping in before Newton and Lawal settled to the mat.

With the win, Emanuel Newton moves on to the light heavyweight final opposite Zayats, while Bellator’s marquee signing goes back to the drawing board.

“Mikhail is gonna be tough, he’s a beast,” said Newton after the fight. “I’m very happy that me and him made it to the finals together. It’s gonna be a good, respectful battle, but it’s gonna be a battle.”