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Me fighting pro has no relevance to my background in Thai. I thought as a pro in Thai yes but didn't start as a pro in MMA. I have fought at all levels in MMA (am,semi,NSAC and pro).

My ground game is better than most people think (granted I know I don't always showcase this lol). I am sure the likes of Jay Furness and James Saville will vouch for that. I have been the distance with people with good ground skills and have finished fights by submission. I actually started my pro MMA career with a fight team. It was MY choice to fight independently.

Unfortunately is doesn't come down to respect for the sport for me. I do what I do for a reason and that reason will stay my priority until my situation chances. I wish that wasn't the case but it is. I don't want nor need respect for what I do. It is what it is! There will always be a need for people like me in this game, its a shame but its true. The sport isn't in the state its in because of me though.

If i could train twice a day, select fights sensibly and make a career out of it I WOULD!(but life isnt that simple)

Oh...and most of my fights are scheduled well in advance....short notice ones just fill gaps (I like to help promoters out)

The Equalizer-
Its not as black and white as that mate.

Both fights have been planned for some time, the one last night was actually booked first. I won the fight quickly but unfortunately knocked an old injury.

The injury got worse over night. I contacted the promoter first thing to let him know. I was actually planning to still fight once I had it checked out hoping I could have a quick fix. The promoter needed an answer there and then as Pete was travelling from London so I had no choice but to pull out.

I am gutted I had to do that. Not something I make a habit of and its a shit feeling when you have to do that.

Me taking 2 fights has nothing to do with greed, nor making bad decisions. I fight most weekends, I have fought consecutive days and even more than one fight on the same day and this hasn't happened.......It was just bad luck this happened and unfortunately both the promoter and Pete have suffered.

This certainly wasn't intentional I am truely sorry to all it has effected!!!

And no contract was signed
Very mature and honest reply mate thank you. x