Sorry, wasn't sure where to put this. Figured this section might have the most fighters in it. Looking for equipment advice on the Hayabusa Ikusa as I can't find any online..

Thinking of getting these for sparring.

I've tried my friend's Tokushu gloves and really liked the wrist support and foam, as well as how compact it is, but it was hurting my thumb. The Ikusa is meant to have the same padding and wrist support but the thumb looks different to me. Has anyone tried both gloves and do they know if that's the case? I'd want these for sparring as right now I have some nice 16s but they don't offer enough wrist support really, even laced up. The description mentions bagwork, pads and competition, but no sparring - are they soft enough for sparring? I remember people said the original Hayabusa 16oz gloves were too hard

Any other compact gloves with top wrist support at this price range?

Appreciate any help!

P.S is MMA factory still running the cagewarriors 5% discount? Code doesn't seem to be working, sent them a FB message about it