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C class pro. what an utter load of shite. Completely about fighting or promoting unified amateur matches but trying to make out they are professional fights. The rule set for this amateur fight is really good, but selling it as pro is a complete wanky thing to do. Might as well through in some world championship boxing matches on the show. Non licensed, white collar, ibbafgj inter galactic championship. What a total load of shit. This and no head shot mma matches.

B class or novice pro is okay I think. No Elbows in a lot of europe, Poland, Sweden, Finnish shows, Bellator, UCMMA,

Anyway my point is this is complete bullshit.
I agree man if guys want to compete in mma then there's no point in no head shots might as well jump in and that way at least its not wrapped in cotton wool and you will soon know if its for you or not.