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Thread: Artem Katov - Harrop fight now No Contest

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    there is shit getting real then there is this

    its like shit just got real with shit getting real or something


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    Man better check himself before he wrecks himself

    He wants to lie about getting his ads whooped that's fine

    But don't start making up evidence that questions my teams integrity.

    One more bullshit post on here n I'll see you exposed. So give up now

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuntanSuperman View Post
    Hmmmm much more to this than has been revealed
    Lloyd...have you been creating a fake paper trail you naughty boy?
    Don't start lying....proof is on its way.
    I provided the judges so I know what MY scorecards look like
    Has the judging/scorecards even been questioned Brad, or is that not what you're referring too here? I don't see how the scorecards would matter in this case anyway.

    I too have heard a lot more on this than has been posted in this thread, but as it's all hearsay I'm not going to repeat any of it.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only relevant outstanding question is whether or not Katov was weighed. Either answer makes the promoter look bad. If he was, and he was over, then the promoter has lied to the fighter. If he wasn't weighed, and the promoter told the fighter he was, then again he's lied to the fighter. If he wasn't weighed and there was no issue, then there are no grounds for the no contest and the promoter should never have contacted Sherdog to have the result changed.

    This whole situation looks bad for all involved as it stands. I can't see anyone wanting to further incriminate themselves by posting in this thread anymore.
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    If you have information that may alter the outcome of this you should declare it, not threaten that you will if they continue.

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    Someone needs to send this link to Sherdog and point out the result needs amending back to the original result as it stands as this is ridiculous.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    I'm pretty sure that happened however there is a response in this thread that said as there is no MMA body, they have to go with the promoter.

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    Not my place to start throwing evidence about. UCC can do this if they so wish.

    However I know Lloyd has fabricated a lot if evidence that could reflect badly on my officials so this is a warning to stop it before it goes any further. Any man who creates the amount of false paper trail he has done suggests he has lots to hide

    I can confirm nO fighter was weighed after the bout however

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    So Lloyd has been caught making porkies?...

    Popcorn gif... Where's it gone...

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    All sorted now. Just want to thank everyone for your support, who's being involved in this nasty case. Thanks for not letting Lloyd go away with this.
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    Power To The People!!!! Result has been changed back!!!

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