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Thread: Artem Katov - Harrop fight now No Contest

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    Mr Lloyd you cry like girl when i throw you on your head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    TTT for this thread turning awesome!


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    You weigh in at 77kgs and I beat you 10 times out of 10! Re-match me and if you win the other result can stand. I win and it gets changed to a N/C?

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    Just don't try to dry hump me with your Lycra next time

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    Link to this fight? Want to see it again

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    Is it me or are the UCC quiet ? Rob riley was throwing out denials for fun over the last 48 hours since we posted evidence proving UCC's guilt is it me or have they gone quiet ? Rob riley was nothing to do with the UCC at the event in question and the fact he's an mma journalist he should'nt be a match maker in my eyes as he's biased towards the UCC mma journalists,referee's & judges etc . . . Should be impartial and there integraty should be of the highest order and not for sale or swayed by friendship's etc . . its there in black & white you can't argue with the truth the UCC have gone quiet wonder why that is we are'nt trying to shame anyone we were happy with the no contest as thats how it should stand but someone on this forum questioned the no contest and rather than the promotor admitting the truth he and the match maker have denied ever contacting sherdog etc . . . So people then assume that its bad sports manship on lloyd's behalf and a bad losser and that's simply not the case so we have had to fight our corner we have supplied evidence.

    I challenge the UCC to comment on this story and not just say no comment or decline to answer and give there side ?

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    In my country I learn wrestle as boy when naked so dont complain about my tighties

    I see you and fat friend doing very bad padwork on tv show about gay gangster I have no trouble doing big smash on you again, easy my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullthrottle View Post
    Link to this fight? Want to see it again
    Fighting, writing and mood lighting.

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    Just e-mailed the guys over at Sherdog and they said the promoter's wish was for it to be a NC and so that's how it will go down. Case closed (apart from the trolls that have come out to play!)

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    3:49 - Lithuanian BJ Penn.

    See him trap the arm with that back take.

    How tall is Katov seriously? He can't be much more than about 5 ft 4ish.
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