MMA Total Combat 52 Official Results 23 February 2013

Spennymoor L.C, Co Durham

K1 Junior Flyweight Bout

1. James Setchell Beat Niall Strange Via Unanimous Decision

Semi Pro Featherweight Title Eliminator

2. Ryan Hovells Beat Scott Brady Via RNC 1 Min 19 Secs RD1

Semi Pro Lightweight British Open Title

3. Mikey Hogarth Beat Grant Gaunt Via Guillotine 39 secs RD 2

Cage Boxing Featherweight Bout

4. Marc Armstrong Beat Shane Bowmer Via Unanimous decision

Junior Amateur Flyweight Bout

5. Callum Rain-Riddlesden beat Lewis Harrop Via Armbar 2 min 10 secs RD 2

Amateur Welterweight Bout

6. Aaron Pearson Beat James Turner Via Armbar 2 mins 35 sec RD 1

Semi Pro Light Heavyweight Bout

7. Daryl Hall Beat Wayne Fairless Via Guillotine 26 secs RD1

Cage Boxing Lightweight Bout

8. Billy Snaith Beat Lee Ferguson Via Unanimous Decision

Semi Pro Lightweight Bout

9. Kyle Sunley Beat Craig Grimes Via Triangle Choke 4 Mins 50 secs RD1

Semi Pro Featherweight bout

10. Ellis Younger Beat Cristopher Edgar Via Arm Triangle 1 min 54 secs RD1

Semi Pro Middleweight Bout

11. Lee Holmes Beat Rich Houghton Via Darce Choke 2 mins 28 secs RD1

Semi Pro Bantamweight Bout

12. Aden Lynn Vs Andrew Cameron ended a draw

Semi Pro Lightweight Bout

13. Lewis Gallant Beat Lee Thompson Via Corner Stoppage 4 Mins 53 secs RD1

Semi Pro Heavyweight Bout

14. Sean Rodham Beat Brian Ashman Via Unaniomous Decision

Semi Pro Bantamweight Bout

15. Carl Burton Beat Wojciech Granoszewski Via Kimura 27 secs RD1

Semi Pro Welterweight Bout

16. Chris Bungard Beat Paul Edmondson Via Triangle Choke 1 Min 35 secs RD1

Pro Heavyweight Bout

17. Lukasz Parobiec Beat Kristan Belcher Via TKO 37 Secs RD 1

Pro British Middleweight Title

18. Shaun Lomas Beat Michael Holmes Via Kimura 3 mins 53 secs RD 1

Total Combat would like to thank everybody from all the fighters and teams without you we wouldn’t have a show. We would also like to thank our officials MC Joe Bromhead, referee Trevor Mitchell & Alex Enlund, Judges Kevin Horner, Adil Malik & Ali Malik, Timekeeper Kevin Ly. Commentators Nathan Court & Declan Robson, our 2 guests of Honour Robert “Buzz” Berry & Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher and finally our sponsor I would also like to thank all the people behind the scenes who constantly work hard and don’t get the credit they deserve. Thank you all for making this another fantastic event.

A Big Congratulations to our new Semi pro Lightweight British Open Champion Mikey Hogarth & Pro Middleweight British Champion Shaun Lomas.

Next event is May 11th 2013 at Spennymoor.l.c. any fighters wanting to enter: PLEASE CONTACT:

PETER MCQUEEN 0191 5120152