I may of posted on here a year or 2 ago so apologies if going over "old" ground"

Long and short wife is getting fluid on her left knee right knee as bad/painful - having to get this drained every 3 months or so - knee ceases up.

my wife is in her 40's and in very good shape but doesn't work out nowadays (high metabolism/previously a competitive swimmer in youth).

She has seen her gp, orthopaedic surgeon, and rhematology consultant, nhs physio and had mri's and xrays...

After taking her up to a&e tonight i am at the end of my teather and ready to go proper "bruce banner" on the NHS...

Basically she has been told she has to "put up with it" the she doesn't need a knee operation, her mum suffers from hyper joint mobility syndrome (super flexible) and my wife does have the same charatestics as her mum - her however at 65 doesn't have fluid on the knees or painful knees.

To give another example of how weird this is - she had fluid on the kness one day, went for along walk and the fluid/swelling went away morning after (this was after approximately 2/3 hours walking whilst out shopping etc.)

However last night as we had recently noticed this we did the same thing to try and get the fluid/swelling down (i know it sounds mad) - it didn't work - and is worse - and this after she had her knee drained a week ago - not fast/long walks only 20 mins.

Happy to go private to get to the bottom of this once and for all - but where/who/how and want to the see "the best" to get this fixed/diagnosed correctly as she is in unbearable pain?

MRi's/xray's not showing anything & nothing to do with footwear.

I am curious as to how they can't get to the bottom of her problem what with todays technology, & pro athletes such as footballer's managing to get diagnosed and fixed and back up and running (appreciate they are not on the NHS)..

HELP !!!