Another great day out from Evolve. Come down and get involved a day of amateur Boxing and also MMA.

As usual weigh in's are at 11.00, bouts start at 12.00

Round times are as follows....
2 x 3 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest.

Rules for protection....

GLOVES will be 8 oz MMA hybrid (training/sparring) gloves or 14oz Boxing gloves.

SHINPADS will be worn in MMA, unless both parties express they don't wish to wear them

BOXING BOOTS will be allowed in boxing bouts only.

HEADGUARD will be worn in boxing bouts only.

Again if any clarification is needed please comment below, thanks
This is a great opportunity to gain some experience, get the ring rust off, or just come and showcase some skills- all in a safe low pressure environment. we welcome all fighters and spectators, food and drink will be available on the day, and all being well the sun will be shining.

We look forward to seeing you there!

You can RSVP Here