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Thread: UFC 100 took place four year ago today

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    Default UFC 100 took place four year ago today

    Crazy huh?

    Some kid called Johnny Jones gets a second round submission on the prelims.

    MMA legend Marc Coleman gets his last 'W'.

    Dan Henderson scores possibly the biggest KO in UFC history.

    GSP gets his 19th career win.

    Brock Lesnar exacts revenge on Frank Mir.

    The epic Fitch vs Thiago main event.
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    Damn that makes me feel old.

    I went to bet on the event at one of the casinos on the strip and there were three guys on the entire card all at around +400.

    One was Mark Coleman, one was Jake O'Brien and one was Mac Danzig I think although I may be wrong on the last one.

    I went up to the betting desk and, fancying a long shot, put $50 down on Jake O'Brien. I remembered him spoiling the party for Heath Herring and we'd not really seen Jones against a good strong wrestler at that point. I'd put the wrong number on the slip though and the guy said "So that's $50 on Mark Coleman?"

    I quickly said "No, no, sorry I got the wrong number. Jake O'Brien."

    I had to go back and change the slip.

    The rest as they say, is history.

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    That's fucked up.

    I feel old a shit

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    Sadly for Mike, how it will always be remembered:

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    It's pretty amazing bisping isn't still asleep now

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    Nasty and unnecessary second bomb imo
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    I will always remember MMA purists being sooooo fucking pissed that a pro wrestler was headlining the big UFC 100 card. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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