So I get sent, as I'm sure most of you other types did to, this press release from Warrior Island. It's, as they all are, so full of fail I can hardly bring myself to read it.
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Last Casting Call of the Season at the Anold Sports Festival Friday, Satuday & Sunday in Columbus Ohio.
Press Release

GPG "Warrior Island" voting ends in 2 weeks.

Top 8 Heavyweights as of Last Day of Feb.
Warrior Island Cut-off Date is March 15th.

1. James McSweeney UK
2.John Shaddock USA
3.Patrick Schmid Switzerland
4.Neil Goliath Grove UK
5.Jarrell Big Baby Miller USA
6.Pat Fries USA
7.David Tkeshelshvilii Georgia
8.Shawn Obasi
Alt.Shamir Garcia USA
Alt.Tomasz Stawarz Poland
Close: Brian Imes
Close: Shawn Knobelock
Close: Giorgi Seturidze

Top 8 Lightweights

1) Tolly Plested UK
1) Julez Loftus Scotland
2) Chris David Thialnd
3.Jimmy Justice UK
4.Julez Loftus UK
5.Mike Roberts USA
6.Aaron Cook USA
7.Whitney Jean-francois
8.Michael Napoli
Alt.Luke Sines UK
Alt.Dakota Hower USA
Close: Rustam Chsiev Russia
Close: Brandon Foss USA

The Fighters Below are still in the Running KEEP VOTING......
Bo Brian Phillipenes
Jeff Lentz USA
Marcel Berreira Brazil
Christian Defiris
Jim Riddux UK
Michael Miesch USA
Wes Hanson USA
Andres Torres USA
Chris Acero
Aaron Carr
Murat Keshtov
Brandon Murray
David Juliano
Michael Curry
Sandro Vieira
Andy Pratel
Andrew Lemley
Anthony Brown
Cody Groves
David Carr
Andrew Sanchez
Kevin Morris
Ryan Antle
Sean Huffman
Thomas Jones

Fighters you can still upload a video to YouTube The contest is running until March 15th. Video's roll over to Season 2 after we pick the Top 16 and 4 Alternates. Fans watch the video's on the YouTube channel and Fghters upload yours to YouTube then send us the link. If your favorite fighter is not one of the top 16, they will not go to Warrior Island. You the Fans Decide. Go to YouTube page and subscribe then watch all the video's and click "LIKE" for the 16 fighters you want to go to "Warrior Island"

You can register a video for season 1 up until March 15th 2013 then we pick the 16 fighters for Season 1 then all of the remaining videos remain in the system for Season 2 and keep their Votes.

Main Web site is
Twitter Page

Imagine you were one of the first Brands with the TV show Survivor or American Idol. Now is your Chance to reach your target Demographic in a very unique way.

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Is this even still a real thing?

Season 2?

How many people have signed up for this thing?

Are they still offering a prize of one million pounds?

I've seen regional newspapers covering this stuff with fighters interviewed talking about winning on some desert island combat.


How is this even still a thing?