Just putting it out there!!!

I read soooo many posts, tweets etc about SAFE MMA and testing for PEDs. SAFE MMA is a medical project. PEDs is a regulatory issue more than a medical issue.

PEDs dont just 'show up' in blood screening - there are thousands of things that can be tested for in bloods. You have to specifically test for things in order to identify them

To effectively test for PEDs is a small fortune...about 3000 for 1 fighter through VADA. this process doesnt warn people about when they are to be tested they just turn up. they go to very complicated lengths to combat the very clever doctors who are trying to help athletes cheat.

One thing I will say though is that if fighters, coaches, gym, managers and promotions get on baord with SAFE MMA then we will have a better chance of introducing PED testing. You dont get to drive a F1 car in a grand prix on a provisional license! lets get people tested for harmful diseases and assessed for potentially harmful medical conditions first and maybe then we can get to PED testing.

Soemtimes theres this worrying air of 'who cares about blood diseases and detached retinas, whats really important is who's juicing'. Cheating is wrong but catching HIV is life threatening.

Good luck to BAMMA, Cage Warriors and all their fighters this weekend who have embraced SAFE MMA.