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Thread: Nick Diaz vs GSP Media Call

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    Angry Nick Diaz vs GSP Media Call

    In case anyone hasn't listened to this yet, it's EPIC.

    Download from and go to 3:06:55

    I used to hate Nick Diaz, oddly for the same reasons as for why I now love him.

    Best. Conference. Call. Ever.

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    Hope GSP fucks him up next week.

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    Yea the Media really played this one well lol. War Diaz

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    I had never in my life every listened to a full conference call. Much less gone back in time and listened to one that already happened.

    But after a million people told me how awesome this call was, I had to go back and listen to it. Gold. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    lol @ Diaz being all upset by the woman who said she wanted to see him get bashed

    when people argue with americans it seems quite often they get accused of not knowing where the american comes from. Which is frequently followed by an affirmation of 'what's up' or what time it is.
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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