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Thread: Scots weigh-in results: BAMMA 12/CW 52z

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    Default Scots weigh-in results: BAMMA 12/CW 52z

    Everyone makes weight (Ray on second attempt), except for Robertson's opponent. Real shame for him, hopefully the bout still goes ahead.

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    Hope craig fights ....he's a real insperation to the older guys
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    Think u should post the full story
    His opponents status
    Sorry to dissapoint everyone who supports me but the lad im fighting used the excuse of me being 3pounds overweight to pull from the fight...he was offered my purse and treble his money but left the building, on the biggest show in the country it takes a certain kinda bloke to walk away from an opportunity like this.

    Sounds like he is a real fucking insperation pulling out under them circumstances.

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    3 pounds or 300 pounds, he was still over. acted unprofessional and should be held fully responsible for this fight not going ahead.

    Dont try take nothing away from craig for his decision. Him and his team have travelled all the way down from scotland along with a bus full of supporting fans at a great expence to them. to now not see him fight. I know craig put alot of time into training for this but 2. YES TWO!!!! fighters must make the weight for the fight to go ahead.

    Good luck to the rest of the scottish lads on the card, and the others guys on Cage warriors.

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    Everyone knows they have to make the weight. It's not get as close to the weight as you can it's make the weight.
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    In the interests of the full story, Craig offered to fight the guy if he weighed in under 88kg today. He couldn't make that either.

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    I normally refrain from posting derogatory comments on public forums, however I feel I have to defend myself. My opponent weighed in 3lbs over and refused to loose anymore. I had a private meeting with Jude from BAMMA and my cornerman to discuss what would happen. I agreed with Jude to fight for twice (not 3 times my purse) on the provision that my opponent not be more than 88Kg on the day of the fight. To be checked at 2pm today during the medicals. Only then did I leave the building and go to the fighter's hotel. I attended the venue at 1.30pm today (the first fighter to do so incidentally) fully prepared to fight upon checking my opponent's weight. I was told then he'd refused to make 88kg on the day (even tho the official fight weight was 84kg). I am currently watching the event live with the 22 people who 'd travelled down to watch me. :-(
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    Not making an agreed weight on a Pro fight,then when given the chance to go and and make a catchweight and refusing, is walking away from the opportunity.Especially when your opponent show his professionalism by travelling from Scotland and MAKING WEIGHT.!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not making weight by 3lbs then refusing to cut weight as a pro fighter shows just how unprofessional Like Harriman is, then receiving a second chance of making 88kg(4kg over the original weight) just show a huge lack of respect to not only Craig Robertson and his team but one of the UK's biggest MMA organisations in Bamma itself!

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    *School Teacher Voice*

    You've let Craig down, you've let the fans down, you've let your fight team down, you've let BAMMA down but worst
    of all you've let yourself down.

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