Gutted for Craig. His opponent couldn't even be bothered to try for 88kgs next day when he should have made 84kgs on the day. Our sport has weight categories for a reason. He would have fought Luke if he had made weight. Does Luke think that Craig Robertson is scared of him? The guys got a tattoo on the end of his cock! Of a fecking Dragon, Luke! A fecking Dragon, I'm telling you! Luke!. That's not a man to be trifled with. I've seen it and I fear him all the more. A bit because I'm sharing a hotel room with it and him. The Indigo Hotel in erm...Newcastle. So he can't have gone home can he?

He'll fight you next time. Just make the weight eh? Oh and check his facebook site to see if he went home Luke. You'll see him there enjoying the show with his friends. Who admire him for doing his job. Luke.