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Thread: Should I Use PED's???

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    -am I at a disadvantage if I don't use PED's-
    Yes, you are. Its obvious, that your body cant produce so much energy and power to beat your goals, and its getting tired by the time, so it needs "extra"help. As my coach said- Best PED is fitness, run 5 miles every day and you will have enough power to stand 15 mins intensive round.
    Personally, Im using bodybuilders stuff as- BCAA(muscules&streingth), Whey protein, Anabolic Nitro X and L-Glutaminne

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    Just jab as much deca an sus' as possible- make sure you bladder the sunbeds an lemo too,to get the "best" result.
    Seriously though, I had a conversation a while back with a good lad who happens to be a good fighter. He told me he was talking to his coach about gettin on the gear and growth and seeing if it'd help with where he was going. His coach told him that its entirely up to him but before he does,look round the evening class at how many lads are clearly juiced up-and how many of them are in the UFC. Thought it was good advice.
    He now smokes meth on the hour and valets wheelie bins for a living
    Nah,clean as a whistle an still a top fighter.

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