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    Default Lee Roy Barnes

    See the fella getting mad hate on twitter, but he comes across not to bad, what's everybody's thoughts on the lad ?
    sick of the bullshit !

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    never heard of him

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    Im not a fan of him I think he is a bit of a playboy etc Never said anything to him on twitter tho.

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    I wasn't a fan of Leeroy's early on in his career, he talked a lot of shit ect that rubbed people up the wrong way but in all honest now I'd put that down to youth.
    What I do respect of Leeroy's is his unquestionable dedication to his dream.
    I respect hard workers and he's certainly one of them.
    He takes tough fights, puts on a show and over the past 18 months he has show himself to be a lot classier both in and out of the cage.
    I'm officially a fan now.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    I thought he was very entertaining, shit-talking and all, quality. wish he'd post the whole time, it's better when he's here.
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    Always quite liked Leeroy. Granted he can come across badly on the net etc but is a rather sound dude.
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    I had a piss next to Leeroy at a UFC, BFFs ever since!

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    I pissed next to Jon Jones once. True penis-related story. Of course I saw his schlong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    I pissed next to Jon Jones once. True penis-related story. Of course I saw his schlong.
    Did it possess knock out power?
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