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Thread: nick diaz worthy challenger???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Silva kills you for calling him that.
    All Silva would need to do is look at me funny and I would die lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    Thing is, size being equal, GSP is probably a better fighter, but the size difference would be a factor and one that would tip the fight into Silva's territory, plus you are not considering Seagull will come up with some fight ending brutality for Silva to unleash on GSP, GSP has no such wisdom in his corner, Silva by reverse flying elbow x guard knee tap headkick.
    The seagull just flaws the whole argument with his techniques... Definitely winning by spinning inverted elbow axe kick heel hook reverse Peruvian neck tie.

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    I'd rather watch Grizzly fight than GSP

    he bores the shit out me. he doesnt even look to finish! just ride out the decision and come out a fight with a busted face while diaz didnt have a scratch on him

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    I think people sometimes forget that this is PRIZE fighting. Not entertainment fighting. You win, you get more money. And that's all that matters really. Don't get hurt and make more money. That's what I would want if I was a fighter. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    That's the thing with the great fighters everyone knows what they are gonna do but can't stop them, from a technical point of view gsp is amazing, as is silva but I much prefer to watch silva because you know when his head is right someone is going to sleep. GSP isn't gonna fight recklessly because he's the champ he's got too much to lose by getting in firefights with people I'd prefer he went after it more but its his career and he does what he sees fit, all these people who fight him just aren't good enough to take him out his comfort zone I'm sure we'd see a different gsp if he was getting lit up and couldn't take them down,let's hope hendricks is the man to do this

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    For some reason, I don't see Hendricks as the man to do it, I see GSP being able to take him down and Hendricks not being able to submit him from the bottom. I guess we'll see, but if he gets passed Hendricks, I think the UFC might force him to move up to Middleweight allowing him a little time to change his body.

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    I think hendricks problem may be that his stand up is very basic, GSP will deal with this pretty easily imo. We all know that he has a sweet left hook, but he has nothing else and is off balance if he misses, and Georges will take advantage of this. One of his many skills is nutralising the opponents strengths and sticking to a game plan which he does as well as anyone in the UFC (from keeping Kos on the end of his jab for 5 rounds/not letting shields get it to the floor to sticking alves, diaz and condit on their backs). Hendricks is no doubt a threat but he needs to vary his boxing/kickboxing to take the title, I'm not sure he has the skills in this area to do it??

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