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Thread: Brad Conway re IFC Revolution Event

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    Default Brad Conway re IFC Revolution Event

    IFC International Fighting Championship
    IFC MMA Ltd. Company number: 7669354
    Head Office, 1st Floor
    2 Woodberry Grove
    Finchley, N12 0DR
    Phone 07801 956569


    TO: Brad Conway
    ******* ******,
    Bradford, ******


    Dear Mr. B. Conway on the 09/01/2013 you entered into an agreement with IFC to be matched in a bout with Mr. J. Hearn, you also put forward two other fighters under your care, Mr D.Welch and Mr. R. DaSilva

    1. On the 07/03/2013 Mr. D. Welch pulled out via Facebook message due to alleged injury, but failing to provide proof contrary to Article 8 in the Contract Agreement.

    2. On the 08/03/2013 you pulled out via text message after explaining you could not fight due to your job, you then publically posted this on Facebook before the promoter had time to speak to the opponent who subsequently heard this via third party and did not return from his trip abroad.

    3. On the 09/03/2013 it also came to our attention that you had taken a bout 7 days prior to your scheduled bout with Jamie Hearn in which you sustained a KO, contrary to Article 7 in the Contract Agreement, meaning if had you not pulled out we would not have allowed you to fight anyway.

    4. On the 08/03/2013 you provided a substitute fighter Mr. S. Galloway to fight in your stead, however your hasty public announcements on Facebook prevented this fight from happening also.

    5. On the 09/03/2013 the fighter under your care Mr R. DaSilva did not show up to the event, leaving his opponent Mr D. Lupu without a bout, we then tried to match a suitable rules bout with Mr Galloway and Mr Lupu which both parties did not agree on.

    6. On the 09/03/2013 you then suggested to my manager Mr B. Grindei a fixed bout for a higher premium v Galloway & Lupu in which Galloway would take a dive, I Mr Andy Jardine totally disagreed with this.

    7. On the 09/03/2013 you were given your travel expenses of 100 by Mr A. Jardine and later in the evening you were given compensation for your substitute fighter of 265 of which Mr Galloway has seen none of these monies.

    8. On the 09/03/2013 you were rude and abusive to all IFC staff and bystanders by trying to incite a riot contrary to sections 5,4A, 4 and 91of the Criminal Justice Offences Act 1967

    IFC now seeks damages from you caused to the event in the region of 2835.00 please see attached invoice.

    May I take this opportunity to remind you that the contract must be honored both ways, this is by no means a one sided contract in the contestants favor.

    We are also aware of your Libel and slander which we will address also in due course.

    Yours sincerely
    Andy Jardine IFC Director.

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    Danny ''WELSH'' is injured.

    ...Did Brad Conway sign this contract?

    If he didn't, then it doesn't mean anything. A small claims court wouldn't even look at it.

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    I suggested Danny Welch and DaSilva, they certainly are not my fightetrs and are not represented by me

    1) nothing to do with me. I simply suggested he may take the fight
    2) This is not true. You clearly explained you did not know where he was and had not answered his phone. As far as you were concerned he was coming to the event, you only notified me you didnt know his whereabout upon my arrival.
    3)I have no contract agreement. I never received or signed anything from you
    4) You asked me to take my post donw, which i did. After this you asked me to get a repalcement fighter, which i did. SO your timings make no sense.
    5) I am in no way responsible for DaSilva. Mr Galloway accepted to take a replacement fight at an elevated weight and under Mr Lupus original rules, to help you out
    6) Your manager told me Mr Lupo did not want to lose on Rumanian tv and asked my fighter to take a dive. I said no, you also agreed no.
    7) Expenses were given. As promised in a text. You then left the building despite guaranteeing full payment would be made. Your manager apologised for your actions and gave what money he had as partial payment. he signed a receipt for this.
    8) Simply untrue
    9) You also tried to balck mail me and threaten my job. but this is being dealt with legally

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    LOL @ any contract in UK MMA meaning a bean! Even more LOLz at Mr Jardine going round the bend again.

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    There is no contract. One was never sent and one was certainly never signed.
    The attempt to blackmail me and threaten me simply will not work

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    Suntan - Be careful, Jardine might try and bend you like a barbell

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    The letter doesnt bother me in the slightest, however making threats to my work does on principle.

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    16-bit for life

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    I was just about to say Jay's clip was funny, but the fatty in Ben's... Laughed out loud.

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