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Thread: GSP's master plan to potential retirement revealed...

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    Default GSP's master plan to potential retirement revealed...

    ...Pierre's former manager said after dining with him in January GSP has created a plan of fights that could potentially take him into retirement...

    It starts by beating Nick Diaz, defending his title against Johnny Hendricks before moving on to a super fight with Anderson Silva.

    It may not be true but if it was, could it happen?... I believe so, think he beats them all.

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    Silva is too big for GSP, GSP probably has the tools to beat him but I dont see him getting away with wrassling him for 5 rounds. Silva hits harder that pretty much anyone GSP has faced of late and is crazy accurate as well, Hendricks would be a good test, if he gets past Condit - can't ever bet against my boy Condit, he beat the piss out of GSP, even lay chilling whilst punching him in the face, stoopid judges just didnt pay attention!
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