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Thread: Paul Craig.

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    Default Paul Craig.

    awwwww sheeeeeet. get chocked oot from a gee geetsoo dude now everyone wants a go.

    however this was a funny article. made me smile. lolha

    btw good luck for tommorow.
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    He disposed of a brown belt in under 2 mins on sat though ay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullthrottle View Post
    He disposed of a brown belt in under 2 mins on sat though ay

    Purple belt. In an MMA fight not a jiujitsu match. Paul Craig has been impressive when I've seen him fight MMA be interesting to see him fight pro.

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    Still a very good result to choke out a purple belt in 1min. What belt is paul

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    He was competing at blue belt in the last Vision gi comp in December. Think he won the division, looked good.

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    Yeah "Jew Bears" a blue belt under Marcos, Am sure he will do fine at pro but would be better if the LHW division had a bit more depth in Scotland that's why he had to go down south for his first 3 fights.
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