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Thread: Stomach fat

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBhoyJM View Post
    Could someone please tell me the best way to lose fat in the stomach pretty quickly? What's the best exercises/cardio drills I should do
    DNP and T3 .. electrolytes and milk thistle

    obviously I wouldnt advise this neither would my mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naughtygoose View Post
    Cut your carbs right down, it's a bitch and a half but it works,and work on cardio and to lose body fat. Once you've done that yu can put muscle on by pilling on the protein and heavy weights, repeat a few times so your body gets used to it and you will see your body fat come down and muscle mass go up
    is this is a piss take ?

    you need to eat well to gain muscle mass so you will put some fat back on with the muscle , also be careful with cardio as its easier for the body to convert muscle in to energy rather than fat.
    you can gain muscle and stay lean , and when you diet you will get muscle wastage if you dont do it correctly , also carb depletion will make you look flat.

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    Try and lay off the tatties

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    first of all there is no easy way around this especialy if you are looking for longevity in your fat loss!.....lets clear a few things up! - cutting carbs right down wont help
    - doing loads of cardio vascular exercise wont help
    - loads of resistence training wont help
    - eating only protien wont do it
    listening to 75% of people on this forum wont help you either

    basic principles of fat loss that will get you started

    regulate insulin levels ( this can be achieved through eating low glycemic food stuff) look into GI food index, also regulating insulin levels will keep away the starvation response! ( hungar)

    eat adequite amount of calories! ( most people dont eat enough and that is why they struggle to lose weight!!!) - look into Basal metabolic rate, find out what yours is!

    Balanced nutritional value! every meal should contain a solid source of quality protien, low glycemic carbohydrates, good quality fats ( omega 3) and the meal should be loaded with micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals)

    High intensity interval training!, fartlek, german volume, S&C and all the other schemes you hear down the gym arnt going to work!!! they are going to be using the wrong energy system to feed off! you will prob lose muscle tissue and gain body fat!!!

    the above are for improving cardiovascular fitness, power, anerobic endurance need to exercise at a low intensity for a long time....(example) brisk walking at 6kmph on a treadmil at a 6% gradient for 40 minutes! this will get your body feeding on its fat stores

    these are the bog basics! if you are seriouse message me!

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