There has been an extension to the early entry price of 25/10 it now runs until midnight this Wednesday (20th of March), after that the late price of 30 and 15 is in place prior to the close of entries at midnight on the 27th of March.

We're also still looking for brown belt competitors to fill divisions at u76kg and u94.3kg, entry is free for brown and black belt's and we can try and match other divisions if given enough time. In addition entries from female competitors are sought as we have a number of ladies looking for matches, namely at u53.5kg & u64kg white belt. We have also had interest in blue belt 82.3kg adult, blue belt masters u88.3kg, purple belt masters u82.3kg and purple belt super heavy (-100.5kg) adult or masters, so if you were thinking of entering these divisions there would be at least one match available where you to do so.