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for someone on the cusp of a lucrative dream career move, caution is understandable as well as potentially frustrating for the fans. in ten years time, no fucker will care if the fans at a leisure centre in Bracknell got what they deserved. nothing against Bracknell or UK MMA fans, just sayin. most fighters would hope to pick Vegas.

what's the latest on dana and records? he said 'go pad your record' a while back and everyone made a big deal of it. smash a list of bums, go 11-0 and you'll get a call. fight the toughest guys you can, gain invaluable experience but go 6-5 and you won't get a call.

does you know if dana has publically clarified his stance on this recently?
Yea thats fair enough All im saying is the UFC is supposed to be the cream of the crop The very best fighters on the planet now we all know that without singling anybody out that a few have slipped through the net getting in the UFC and difference in standard from top 10 to bottom 10 in the ufc is huge. All in all im just saying that this is what happens when one company pretty much controls the entire market. Id love Dana to come forward and say to a few of our guys ok you fight you and you fight you and if you make the grade Ill sign you up that way the standard will always be fairly high in this country and over there not guys who are forced to avoid each other in fear of losing a chance at the big time. Not disrespecting the two guys in question its the system thats fucked not the fighters.