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Thread: Will God tell Fedor to return?

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    Default Will God tell Fedor to return?

    Fedor has announced that will come out of retirement if 'God' tells him that its right.

    Do you think he'll ever pay him a visit?

    If he does what do you think Fedor will do, stay with the M1 or maybe have a stab at the UFC?

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    I assume he means Dana with a big sack of cash!!!

    If he comes back its either to make money or fight top guys & reestablish his legacy as one of the greatest fighters to fight MMA. Either way he needs to be in the Octagon to do it.
    Judging on his past few fights his best days are long past, he had an incredible run in Pride but time catches up with the best, plus I never felt he was comfortable within the constraints of a cage.
    The top level of the Heavyweight division would be a murderers row for him to return to, especially after such a lay-off
    Stay retired Fedor.

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    If God tells him to come out of retirement, it yet again proves that a) there is no god and b) if there is, he is a sick fucker, I mean, tells his staff to bum kids and gives them top jobs, now wants a GOAT to come back and tarnish his legacy further....nah, leave us with the good memories Feddy baby, I can still overlook the back end of the career as it stands.
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    I was expecting "Fedor will tell God when to come back".
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    One things for sure the first thing he will need is a good confidence guy as his head and confidence will be shot to pieces after them losses If he can rediscover his confidence and believe he is the greatest again then he might have a chance if not forget about it.

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    if it's gods will then it's gods will

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    Where is god of cw??? He will have the answer.
    'maybe on reflection that was a genuine grievance and not a gimmick. '

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    It was his descent into religious obsession that made him lose interest in fighting IMO. He needs to stay away now.

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    Top 10 Hw in the world still imo

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    This is surprising as very few Russians believe in God. Less than 1%

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