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Thread: The Machine Vs The worlds most dangerous man........

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    Default The Machine Vs The worlds most dangerous man........

    Lots of talks recenty about a possable match up between In Freeman and Ken Shamrock. Is this somethig you would like to see? Who takes it?
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    I think it'd be a boring fight and Freeman would win it easily. The beer and whatever else that Shamrock likes these days will have taken their toll. Freeman keeps actively fit and would handle him. On BAMMA in Newcastle though I guess it would make lots of sense.

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    Freeman smashes Shamrock in under 5 min.
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    From Freeman's FB:

    The management of Ken shamrock and have just came back with a fight purse to fight me in the UK. Now lets not forget this us the UK, not the UFC. In Shamrocks big main event fight in the UFC against Tito Ortis, the UFC paid Shamrock a huge $100,000, but hey, they are a multi billion dollar company they can afford that. Shamrock wants first class accommodation while in the UK, fair enough. He also wants first class flights, may stretch to that ... But this is his purse he has asked for to fight me, a retired fighter the same age as him ... $300,000 ... yes the biggest purse he has EVER asked for. Shamrock has showed his true colours, you sir are a coward. Why don't you just say you've not got the balls to fight me .. you call me out and over value yourself just to look like your not scared .. oh hell yes your scared. Last time you fought in the UK you got $50,000 ... your asking for quarter of a million MORE .... if you aint got the balls, stop calling me out fool.

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    WOW 300k...

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    Suppose that would help cover his funeral costs n shit.

    Ian would smash him, I have no interest in seeing this fight, other than I dont like Shamcock and it would be funny to see him get a hiding...again.
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    Shamrock is one of the original poster boys of the ufc but his days are behind him. Asking that sort of money is unrealistic anywhere outside of the ufc. He should go back to wwe if he wants money like that he can talk a fight up and has a good name but hes starting to become a joke figure in mma circles now freeman would destroy him. Its a shame when u see guys like him hang around too long and destroy the legacy they made for themselves.

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    Shamrocks a loud mouth pussy these days in my opinion. Was a legend but these days meh.

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    In fairness, while that Buzz fight did look fishy on Ken's part, he could hardly string a sentence together afterwards.
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    Hold on.... You're all missing the real fucking crime here....


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