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Thread: The Machine Vs The worlds most dangerous man........

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    Quote Originally Posted by brashleyholland View Post
    Presumably it'll be in the smaller stadium attached to the 15k seater? Or in some kind of suite? (I once overheard someone talking about FCC, saying they couldn't wait as the atmosphere at the Reebok would be sick with 30,000 fans there, lol)
    I think it's actually the main stadium from what I've heard, and for it to have enough of a capacity to justify the kind of card they're trying to put together. I'm not sure of the actual logistics though.

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    It's a fucking joke. I guess the "name value" will put some arses on seats but its like Holyfield vs Botha or something. Circus fight. No-one cares about kens health when There's money to be made.
    Fuck no-gi

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    Imagine if Shamrock rolls back the years and pulls off some fantastic sub highly unlikely but still possible. Freeman will be coming straight from his boxing bout so we should expect sharp hands from him. Does anybody know If Ken even trains still?

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    I wil be amazed if Shamrock gets out of the first round...proper amazed.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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