On March 8th Lloyd Clarkson was supposed to weigh in for his fight with Mike Ling on Shock n Awe.

1 hour before the weigh ins I recieved a text from him saying he was struggling to make weight and that he was sorry.

He turned off his phone and 13 days later posts a Facebook message apolagising to his friends for not making weight.

The facts are this.

He did not turn up to the weigh ins.
He turned his phone off and disappeared for 13 days.
He has still given neither me or Mike Ling an explanation.
He pulled out of his previous scheduled fight (UCMMA) to this one on the day.
He messed me about for 6 weeks regards tickets, telling me he was getting names ect but ultimalely didn`t sell 1 ticket before this debacle.
He told his coach he was being cornered by someone else so he wouldn`t be needed, I spoke to this person and he knew nothing about it.
He has missed weigh 4 times.

These are all facts.

I just though fighters or promoters might want to know this in the event of ever being offered him as an opponent ect.