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Thread: Promoters beware of lloyd clarkson

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    Ryan White
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    Well if He can't make MW on sna I would happily fight him at LHW on sna for free for my good friend big bri as I'm thinking of maybe fighting July if all goes well...
    the bullshit stops when the cage door locks!!! @prosystemsmma @Ryanwhitemma

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    I hope this guy dies in the sauna

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    I put this post up to warn people regards Lloyd.
    If any promoter chooses to work with him that's their call.
    After wasting lots of my money, stitching Mike Ling up and from the way he conducted himself I'll NEVER work with him in ANY capacity again.
    Excuses are easily made, anyone wanting to accept them is their choice.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    always known him to be a really nice fellow. had a few email convos over the years.

    he went the distance with Watson, so he's clearly tough as nails. i'm surprised to hear this and hope he's ok. also hope Mike can get matched up soon, shame.
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    Just got this from Paul James on my Facebook.

    "He pulled out on me twice at FX3 as well....
    The first time he just didn't show up and it wasn't until at least a week after that he contacted me telling me he was ill.
    He begged me for a 2nd chance and asked for a big fight so I paid to get Jason Jones over from Holland..
    I spoke to Llyod several times leading up to the fight and was assured everything was OK, I spoke to him on the morning of the weigh ins and was assured he was on his way.......

    And he never showed!!!!"

    That`s 6 no shows so far and counting.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Jason Jones wouldn't have come cheap I'd have imagined either.

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