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Thread: Dan Hardys Heart Issue Explained.

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    Default Dan Hardys Heart Issue Explained.

    Caught up with Dans manager Wad today to find out whats been happening. He was good enough to write us this statement.

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    Damn, that sucks.

    I wonder what happens now? Will other states take this into consideration when licencing Dan? Hopefully common sense prevails.
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    I myself suffer with WPW.

    I'm currently 21 and was diagnosed with having this condition 7/8 years ago. Unlike Dan I found out by collapsing at the top of a flight of stairs and falling down them.

    Basically WPW is an extra pathway between the atria & ventricles of the heart, also known as a bunch of nerves called the bundle of Kent.

    This causes the ventricles in the heart to contract prematurely, creating a type of supraventricular tachycardia.

    It's a pretty rare condition with something like 0.1% of the World's population being affected.

    It can be controlled by the use of beta blockers or a defibrillator like shock to the chest. In extreme cases they put a catheter through the femoral vein or jugular into the heart where they then destroy the tissue thats causing the problem.

    I was prescribed beta blockers at first but they made me ill and caused me to miss about 6 months of school so I had to come off them in the end. I've managed to keep mine under relative control through clean living.

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    Gutted for Dan, hope he can fight again.

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