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Thread: Unified Amateur Rules explained by Marc Goddard

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    Default Unified Amateur Rules explained by Marc Goddard


    Below is a link to a video we have recorded with UFC referee Marc Goddard talking about the Amateur rules of MMA. As Marc says the rules are amatuer by definition, there is a suggested rule set in place.

    What we are hoping is that Promoters will follow the guidelines on this video and listen to the message that Marc and others, MMA Officials included are striving to get across. Marc makes some very good points, and covers the idea of having just Pro and Amatuer MMA rules across the board.

    In brief, the suggested rule set would be taking from the Unified Pro rules that the Amateur rules would be 3 minute rounds, 6/7oz gloves, no elbows, no heelhooks, and no twisters (Severe spinal torsion). There are people who would prefer to leave the twisters in along with all neck cranks, this could be open to the Promoters interpretation.

    Please remember, this is the UK not Nevada, so no more so called NSAC rules.

    Please watch the video, feedback would be very welcome. We would also appreciate it if you would share this and spread the word, thank you.
    REFEREE with MMA Officials

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    REFEREE with MMA Officials

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    Some salient points there... I think same day weigh ins for amateurs is huge.

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    Defo would be good to just see two sets of rules in use in the UK. -

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    It won't happen. There'll always be other rules, whether this is unfortunate or not comes down to opinion.

    I remember certain teams raving about the ''Semi Pro'' ruleset 3 years back and having fighters going 10-0, now they're arguing that they'd never fight anything other than with GNP but don't carry a 10-0 record in there. Just frustrates me.

    Good work from Mark though.

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