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Thread: I predict knees to the head on the ground in mma are coming.

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    Default I predict knees to the head on the ground in mma are coming.

    The missing piece in the mma jigsaw. I predict that knees to the head on the ground will become the norm soon, when I don't know but they will come. Whether or not your a Pride FC fan (most secretly are) you got to sense it's the next level in MMA?

    I would suggest that mma fighters and coaches start preparing or at least considering the game with these rules. As the knee strike has always been my favour technique I have been working on these on the ground to the head at my SSJ gym for a while purely just out of curiosity and its a definately game changer.

    Let see...

    Lee Hasdell
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    I think you're right that it's a game changer, and from a personal sense (and as Pride lover) I think would make for a better 'fight'. However, I don't think we'll be seeing them in sanctioned, high-level MMA any time soon, therefore most smaller promotions won't have a reason to follow suit.

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    To the casual observer it just looks too brutal. Can't see it.

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    Bad idea if you ask me, why revert back just because you think it would be fun?.

    MMA has got to the point where it is trying to get recognised and globally accepted, this in my opinion would set things back.
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    Hallelujah. I hope they do.

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    As much as I would love to see them, can't see it happening, MMA still isn't legal in all US states, I think that would be a hurdle to clear before altering any rules, still a way off with that happening so meh
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    Coleman read this thread and started planning his comeback. With his new bionic hip, he'll be able to generate even more power.

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    Haha think Kerr got excited as well!!

    As much as I would love to see them in MMA sadly, as others have pointed out, I doubt it they will come back into the unified rules anytime soon

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    fox tv dont want any of Coleman in north south
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    Too brutal for the masses. It will be detrimental to the growth of the sport. Personally I don't want to see knees to a grounded opponent but do think that they shuold get rid of the 3 points rule where you can't knee the other fighter if a hand is on the floor. That is a fcking stupid rule!

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