This event will take place on Sunday 28th April 2013 and fights will begin at 12.00 sharp. Entrants are required to arrive at 11.00 for weigh in.

Cost of entry is 5 and guarantees at least 2 matches.

Each match will be 1 x 5 minute round

Please send names and relevant experience to

Weight categories are u65, u75, u85, u95 over 95

Experience categories Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.


No holding of t-shirts or shorts allowed
Any chokes allowed (except the using hands to close windpipe)
Any arm bar, shoulder or wrist lock
Any leg lock or ankle lock

Full nelson or crucifix
No striking of any kind
No eye gouging or fish hooking
No grabbing ears
No hair pulling
No finger or toe holds
No thumbing
No scratching and pinching
No biting
No touching groin area
No twisting leg locks
No twisting neck locks
No slams to escape submission